Jailbreak Arrives for iPad 2 (and Other iOS 4.3.3 Devices)

If you've dreamed of a day when you could jailbreak your iPad 2 tablet and reap all the benefits that come from shaking off the shackles Apple put in place (for your own good, of course), today is the day you've been waiting for. The popular browser-based jailbreak service -- JailbreakMe.com -- is back, and it now supports any iOS 4.3.3 device!

Yes, that includes the iPad 2, giving you close to one-touch access to jailbroken glory. To jailbreak your iPad 2 (or other iOS 4.3.3 device), all you have to do is navigate to www.jailbreakme.com and mash the Free button and then hit Install. That's it, the browser-based hack will take care of the rest.

Any news of jailbreaking always has to carry the disclaimer that you could brick your device running unauthorized software and/or firmware, so be warned. That said, this is about as safe and easy as it gets. And if you change your mind, the process is reversible; all you have to do is restore your iPad 2 in iTunes and Apple will slap the shackles right back on to protect you from yourself.