Jaguar All-Electric E-Type Classic EV With I-Pace Drivetrain To Enter Limited Production

Jaguar has certainly made some very cool cars over the years and its most iconic and recognizable design is definitely the E-Type. Jaguar Classic has announced that it will be building zero-emissions versions of the E-Type replacing the classic car's gas engine with an electric drivetrain. The concept car officially made an appearance in the U.S. at Monterey Car Week in California after a world debut at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in September of last year.

etype ev side

The electric E-Type wraps Jag's classic sports car up with technology from the modern I-PACE electric crossover SUV to create a car that will be sold directly via Jaguar Classic. The EV construction will take place alongside E-Type restorations at the Classic Works facility in Coventry, UK. Jaguar is withholding the technical specifications of the electric E-Type at this moment.

etype ev wheel

With the automaker admitting that the car will mesh technology from the I-PACE electric SUV, we at least have some idea what the tech specs could be. The SUV packs in a pair of Jaguar electric motors that make a total of 400hp combined and 512 lb-ft of torque. In I-PACE form that powertrain will push the ride to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and to a top speed of 124 mph. Power is stored in a battery pack providing 240 miles per charge for the SUV.

etype ev motor
etype ev back

With the E-Type EV being a much smaller and lighter car than the I-PACE, the specifications will certainly change. There is no way the same size and capacity battery packs will fit inside the E-Type. The E-Type will be much lighter than the SUV, smaller batteries won't necessarily mean abysmal driving range for the car. Less weight and sleeker design than the SUV also means the E-Type EV could have better performance all around. Jag notes that an EV conversion service for existing E-Type owners will be offered and to preserve the authenticity and value of the base vehicle, the EV conversion will be fully reversible. Pricing and tech details will be offered later, but Jag notes it is currently taking "expressions of interest" from interested buyers with deliveries expected in the summer of 2020.

etype ev charge