Jack Black Game Cause Of Activision Lawsuit

File this one under "news of the weird." In a completely strange and unexpected twist of events, Activision has filed a lawsuit that could prevent a Jack Black-based video game from becoming a reality. The aforementioned company sued game developer Double Fine Productions this past week in order to halt the impending release of "Brutal Legand" by Electronic Arts.

The suit was filed in Santa Monica, California, and it alleges that Double Fine failed to deliver the game "on time." Furthermore, it claims that the outfit then offered the completed (albeit late) game to EA instead. Failing to meet a deadline is one thing, but offering up the work to a rival firm is just downright crazy. (If true, of course). If all goes well and the suit doesn't stop EA, the game will hit store shelves in October.

As the story goes, the suit claims that Activision shelled out right around $15 million for Double Fine to develop the title, but when the studio missed a critical deadline last year and asked for another nine months + $7 million to finish things off, it obviously turned away. The two attempted to reach an agreement, though it's said that one was never reached. Of course, Activision is maintaining that it never relinquished its rights to the game and that Double Fine illegally transferred the game to EA. Who ever imagined Jack Black's video game causing this much fuss?