iWatch and Wearables: Apple Hires Time Piece Designer Marc Newson To Join Jon Ive’s Design Team

The wearable market is heating up incredibly fast, and with its MICA fashionable smartwatch announced earlier this week, Intel highlights the fact that style is a very important aspect to ensure the success of devices in this market. This is something proved even further this week by Apple, with its hire of renowned designer Marc Newson.

Marc's design work has involved a huge assortment of product types, including bicycles, furniture, glassware, cookware, first class lounges, and of course, timepieces. In fact, Marc had once founded a company called Ikepod (almost humorously named given the latest company he's involved with) that specialized in watches. While with the company, Marc was responsible for many (or perhaps all) of the watches, with most of them hitting manufacturing.

To gain a better understanding of what Marc brings to the table where watch design is concerned, you can check out the video below which was filmed two full years ago. In it, you'll see a wide range of watches, many that you could probably envision an Apple logo being affixed to without much modification.

Like the smartphone market was when it first began to explode, the wearable one is quickly becoming a very fun one to watch. Excuse the pun.