Ivee Is Indiegogo-Funded Response To Amazon Echo Connected Speaker

Whether it's barking commands to Siri (or Cortana or Google Now) on our smartphones or interacting with Amazon's Echo speaker, digital assistants are all over the place. You can go ahead and add another one to the mix. Meet Ivee, "the first multi-room voice assistant for the home" that draws inevitable comparisons to Echo.

Ivee is available to pre-order for $99 through crowdfunding site Indiegogo. That's just over half the price of Amazon Echo, which sells for $180. If you buy two (or more), you can put your Ivee speakers in different rooms for convenient access or to let little Johnny know it's time for dinner without yelling across the house or firing off a text message.


The speaker also connects with various smart devices and services. At present, Ivee is able to control Nest, Belkin WeMo, Philip's Hue, Logitech Harmony, SmartThings, Wink, and Lowe's Iris. It also works with Uber, Spotify, and the Emergency Service, so you can tell Ivee to summon a ride, play your workout playlist, adjust the temperature, and more.

"Ivee doesn’t only listen, she talks back. With omni-directional microphones, you can ask "vee to 'Play some Michael Jackson' and she’ll automatically play Michael Jackson using Spotify. For her size, she fills a room quite nicely," Ivee's developers say.

Ivee isn't breaking new ground here, but it is undercutting the competition in price while offering similar features and a unique multi-room capability. It's already raised more than $21,000 in two days and has 44 days remaining on its Indiegogo campaign.