iTunes: We Need More Rentals Cap'n!

Despite Apple's promise of 1000 movies available for rental by the end of January, iTunes has less than half of that available in the start of March.  The good news is that of the 384 available movies 91 of those are supposedly high-definition.  The bad news?  Not all of those 91 titles would really measure up to what most would consider a true high-definition viewing experience.

Some HD titles lack Dolby 5.1 and others are simply older movies that were probably upscaled and are not really providing the true HD experience.

“Some of these HD movies, such as the Kirk Douglas movie Lust for Life, date back as early as 1956 and predate most modern filmmaking techniques. Other movies, however, lack age as a reason for their stripped-down features: 40 HD movies (26 of which were released before 2000) lack Dolby 5.1-channel audio.

A few movies are even mistakenly labeled. Aliens and Dodgeball are labeled as HD titles but reveal themselves to be standard-definition upon a closer look.”

Overall the iTunes store has less than 1000 movies available for purchase or rental.  If Apple is serious about pushing the Apple TV and iTunes movies/rentals they are going to have to start increasing their library.
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