It's OK Bluetooth Cassette Player Brings Back '80s Portable Audio Goodness

Earlier this week we talked about the 40th birthday of the iconic Sony Walkman cassette player that everyone wanted in the '80s. Cassettes were the go-to form factor for portable music for a lot of years before the advent of the CD and odds are people have massive collections of cassette tapes hanging around. A company called It's OK has a new device called the Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Player.

bt cassette player

The device brings the cassette player into the modern age to some extent by allowing it to work with your favorite Bluetooth headphones. The cassette player does have a 3.5mm headphone port as well allowing the use of wired headphones.

bt cassete player colors

The player has a clear door that opens to secure the tape inside the player, and the player itself comes in three colors. It can be had in pink, white, or blue all with the same clear cover. It does have a record button and ships with a blank cassette allowing you to record your voice, or if you are brave, music off the radio like we did in the '80s when no one knew what music piracy was.

bt cassete player red

The It's Ok Bluetooth 5.0 cassette player is on Kickstarter and was seeking $12,836 and has raised over $24,600 as of writing. The project is based in Hong Kong, but international orders are accepted. As of writing, all three colors are available to order at $75 each. All other reward tiers are sold out. Delivery is estimated for December of 2019, and like all Kickstarter projects, there is no guarantee that the device will ever ship. Anyone who may be wondering, blank recordable tapes are still available, and they are cheap.