It Wasn’t Me! iFart App Hits No. 1

In every family, there’s generally at least one prankster. He loves to put Vaseline on a doorknob, saran wrap your car, or sneak the occasional whoopee cushion under your chair. And while it’s not always fun to be on the receiving end, we must admit, we’ve pulled a few jokes on people and enjoyed the laughs that ensued. 

As it turns out, helping others play jokes on friends and family can be a pretty lucrative business: In fact, Joel Comm, the developer of the iFart application for the iPhone and iPod Touch, admits to making over $40,000 in just two days! Comm has been very open and honest about his success, sharing sales figures on his

On December 12th, the iFart app was ranked #70 in entertainment. Just ten days later, it hit number one overall. The days following (December 23, 24, and 25) were even better, with sales continuing to rise. On 12/24, Comm notes that they sold 19,520 units, which will net him $13,364 after Apple takes its cut. With all of the people who received iPhones and iPod Touches for Christmas, Comm figured that sales might continue to climb. He was right: On Christmas day, almost 39,000 people purchased iFart Mobile. iFart isn’t the only app who’s making good money these days, either. According to
MacRumors, a number of other developers have also seen an increase in sales, sometimes by as much as three or four times. 

iFart is a 99-cent novelty app that helps you unleash digital weapons of methane destruction on innocent bystanders. The app even has a built-in security system that is suppose to discourage iPhone theft—the app will sense when the phone has been picked up and will play a chosen noise. There’s also a “sneak attack” mode for pulling pranks on parents, co-workers, and friends. Check out this video from the creators of iFart that outlines some of these features: