IT Pros Rail Windows 10 October Update For Broken Mapped Drives, AMD Graphics Bug

Windows 10
Out of all the upgrades to Windows 10 so far, the October 2018 Update appears to be causing the most trouble, and it's not just a single issue. After pulling the initial update to squash a file deletion bug that was affecting some users, Microsoft recently began doling it out again, and now IT professionals are complaining of even more issues.

The biggest one involves a mapped drive bug that seems to have carried over from the initial rollout. For those affected, mapped drives fail to connect. This was an issue that was brought up back at the beginning of October.

"Testing the new 1809 update, and everything seems to be fine except all mapped drives to Windows 2012 file servers show disconnected (red x) after reboots or logoff/on," an IT pro stated on October 5. "Everything is fine if user opens the mapped drive. This causes problems when user opens a file located in map drive A but links to another file in mapped drive B."

Others chimed in saying they had been experiencing the same issue. This seems like something Microsoft would have wanted to fix while the update was in limbo for the unrelated file deletion bug, but it still has not been addressed. Microsoft confirmed the issue, saying "mapped drives may fail to reconnect after starting and logging onto a Windows device."

The good news is that Microsoft is in fact working on a resolution. Unfortunately, it's also saying not to expect a fix until sometime in 2019.

That is not the only annoying bug. There is some funkiness with the latest version of Windows running on systems powered by old AMD Radeon HD 4000 and 2000 series graphics cards. Systems running an older AMD graphics card may experience unresponsive tabs in Microsoft's Edge browser. As a result, Microsoft is blocking the update to potentially affected machines.

There is also a compatibility issue with Trend Micro's OfficeScan and Worry-Free Business Security software. It's not clear which side is to blame, but at the request of Trend Micro, Microsoft has halted the update to affected machines while the security outfit works on a patch.

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