ISPs File Legal Action Against UK’s GCHQ For Alleged Attacks On Network Infrastructure

So it’s not just us then. While we seethe over NSA spying allegations here in the U.S., ISPs across the pond who believe they were spied upon by the UK’s intelligence agency GCHQ in the wake of Edward Snowden’s leaks are taking action.

According to BBC News, seven Internet providers, in conjunction with Privacy International, have filed a lawsuit against GCHQ. "These widespread attacks on providers and collectives undermine the trust we all place on the internet and greatly endangers the world's most powerful tool for democracy and free expression," Eric King, deputy director of Privacy International, told the outlet.


The allegations are severe and include assertions that GCHQ infected a Belgian telecom with malware to hack its infrastructure; that GCHQ and the NSA employed exploits and intrusion methods for hacking; that GCHQ targeted German exchange points to monitor all network traffic; and more.

The suit is an international affair, with ISPs from multiple countries joining in. They include GreenNet (UK), Riseup (US), Greenhost (Netherlands), Mango (Zimbabwe), Jinbonet (South Korea), May First/People Link (US), and Chaos Computer Club (Germany).