Is This The Nintendo Switch 2 With A Much Larger Display And Silicone Sleeve?

Nintendo Switch
Rumblings of a Mini Switch console are getting louder by the day, and it seems a release is inevitable at this point. Interestingly, however, it might actually debut with a bigger display than the regular (i.e., current generation) Switch. The handheld game system would still be smaller as a whole, but offer up more screen real estate to gamers, according to a leaked silicone case design.

E3 would have been a good time to announce a new Switch, but that did not happen. Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa actually made that clear ahead of E3, though he did concede that the company is "always working on new hardware and we will announce it when we are able to sell it."

Now, however, images of a case complete with retail packaging from one of Nintendo's official license partners has found their way to the web. Have a look...

Nintendo Mini 2 Case
Source: WinFuture

The manufacturer is Bigben and the case is called the Silicone Glove. In the lower right-hand corner of the box, however, is something more interesting—it says the case is designed for the "Mini Switch 2." That is a product that does not exist yet. That said, it is common practice for hardware partners to receive designs ahead of a public launch, so they can be ready with accessories on day of release.

Here is the shot of the retail box...

Mini Switch 2 Case
Source: WinFuture

It is a low resolution photo, unfortunately, but if you squint you can see that it says Mini Switch 2 on the packaging.

If real, it could indicate that rumors of the next Switch console having a bigger display are true. That is not a given, of course, as we have also seen renders of a Mini Switch console with a similar design, but a smaller display (and overall footprint) compared to the Switch.

The one thing that looks like a given is that the Joy-Con controllers will be embedded on the console, rather than detachable.

Nintendo is keenly aware of the rumors floating around, but as far as the company is concerned, it does not make sense to comment on the speculation. That is standard practice, though interestingly, it was reported that Nintendo recently said it's reasoning for keeping quiet is because the alternative ends up "stealing surprises from our customers," and would also be "unprofitable to all of our shareholders."

In other words, stay tuned.