Nintendo Goes Into Lockdown Mode As Switch Mini Game Console Rumors Heat Up

Nintendo Switch
We first heard about Nintendo possibly launching a smaller, more portable version of its Switch console two years ago. Nothing has yet materialized, but the rumors keep coming, and seem to be hitting a fever pitch. It appears more likely than ever that a Switch Mini is in the cards, just do no expect Nintendo to comment on the rumored console until it has something to unveil. Apparently Nintendo does not want to ruin the surprise, based on supposed comments made during the company's 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Japan.

That is standard procedure, of course—only rarely do companies comment on rumors and speculation. Usually the non-comment comes by way of a matter-of-fact statement, something along the lines of, 'We do not comment on rumors or speculation'. However, Nintendo may have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag by deviating from the usual script.
Twitter user Alex (@NStyles) tweeted the comments, in which Nintendo addresses the rumors in a way that makes it sound like a Switch Mini is real.

"We acknowledge that there have been reports [about this]. Answering to rumors and speculations would end up stealing surprises from our customers and also be unprofitable to all of our shareholders, so we have no answer to that. As a general theory, we are always performing development of new hardware," Nintendo said, according to Alex (and based on a Google Translation).

That is a measured response, no doubt. However, it's also more expansive than what we would expect when a company tries to deflect a rumor. If the statement is accurately translated, it would seem to suggest that a Switch Mini is in the works, but that Nintendo has specific reasons for not confirming (or denying) the rumors.

Nintendo Switch Mini
Image Source: LetsGoDigital

In related news, the folks at LetsGoDigital recently posted a render that compares the Switch Mini to the regular Switch, based on the information that is out there. As you might expect, the miniaturized model is smaller, but that is not the only difference. Instead of having detachable Joy-Con controllers, the Switch Mini is an all-in-one console with integrated buttons. The button arrangement is different as well—there is a proper D-Pad on the Switch Mini.

The right-side analog controller has been moved to the top of the console in the render, with the A, B, X, and Y buttons shifting to the bottom.

It does not look as though the Switch Mini will be dockable to play on a big screen TV, though like everything else, nothing is remotely official. Nevertheless, if the Switch Mini does come to fruition, it will be interesting to see what the internal hardware looks like, compared to the regular Switch.