Is The World Ready For 64-Bits Yet?

IT-Analysis has posted a very interesting history lesson and perspective about 64-bit computing. The memory aspect of 64-bit computing really seems to make the most compelling argument, given the increasingly high memory requirements of newer games and multimedia editing packages. Then there's multi-tasking to consider.

Hopefully we'll see better 64-bit drivers and compilers in the near future as that still seems to be the big roadblock.

"Cast your mind back fifteen years, if you can. Believe it or not, that was when the IT industry suddenly started to get excited about 64 bit computing. IBM (in conjunction with Apple and Motorola) had already embarked on the design of the 64 bit Power PC chip and Digital announced the 64 bit Alpha chip. (You remember Digital, surely. They were eaten by Compaq who were eaten in turn by HP). With the advent of the (now defunct) Alpha chip, commentators everywhere were trumpeting the dawn of 64 bit computing. Well it has been one of the longest dawns ever. At the time Intel didn't care about 64 bit computing and the PC industry didn't either. It took Intel about another 10 years to care about 64 bits and even then it seemed to be pushed into it by competition from AMD. But, nevertheless it happened in the end and now we're all living in a 64 bit world - or are we?"
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