Is The Google Nexus 6 Drawing Near? Tweet Suggests Maybe

Oh Google, you're such a tease! We say that because Google's Android team posted a rather interesting picture to Twitter seemingly intended to promote the ingredients feature in Google Search, but the true intent might be to tease a new smartphone release. The device Google chose for the Twitter post is one that's never been seen before, leading to instant speculation that it must the be an early look at the Nexus 6 handset.

Not everyone is convinced. While Android fans are hoping that what they see is the unannounced Nexus 6, Scott Webster over at CNET believes it's nothing more than a "generic mockup." Quite frankly, we wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be either one.

The tweet comes just a few weeks ahead of Google I/O, which kicks off on June 25 in San Francisco. It's a two-day technology conference that will have Google and partners announcing new products and services. If there's a Nexus 6 around the corner, Google I/O is the time and place it would likely be revealed.

On the flip side, Webster justifies his wet blanket stance by pointing out that Google has used generic product photos in the past. Following the announcement of the Nexus 5, Google posted a picture of what Android fans believed to be a first look at a new 7-inch or 8-inch tablet, perhaps the Nexus 8, but it turned out to be nothing.

What do you think it is?