Is the Aibo Back?

For many it was a sad day in 2006 when Sony put the Aibo down.  Stuff magazine has a rumor piece in its latest issue (don't you just hate it when they use that old paper stuff instead of the web?) that gives a better than 50 / 50 chance that the Aibo could be back, as a adjunct to the PS3.

The rumor goes that the Sony Aibo PS, as they call it, is being resuscitated by Sony's Playstation division in an attempt to "bolster the PS3's arsenal."

The Aibo PS will appear with its own avatar within Home and react in the real world as he does in the PS3's upcoming interactive environment, according to the article. The rumor article goes on to say that you will be able to download new personalities for the dog from the Playstation Network and that the dog will be fully controllable using a PSP via WiFi. The dog's head camera will send a real world vid feed to the PSP's screen as well. The Dpad will control walking movement and the four main buttons will deal with head movement, which seems odd.

The probability of this happening isn't that great, at 53% according to the piece.  Plus, we really prefer real dogs to a robot.  But if the Pleo can be intro'ed, why not give this canine a second chance?