iRobot Revamps Roomba with Superior Suction, 60 Percent More Dirt Capacity

Everyone wants a vacuum that sucks, though some suck more than others. Such is the claim iRobot makes with its new Roomba 800 Series, the next generation Roomba cleaning system that really, really sucks (in a good way, of course!). In fact, iRobot claims its newest self-propelled vacuum is up to 50 percent better at picking up dirt, debris, and hair from your floor compared to previous models.

The Roomba 800 series introduces new AeroForce Extractors that are designed to amplify suction. This technology also breaks down debris so that the Roomba no longer chokes on tangled hair, thereby requiring less maintenance, which is what this vacuum is all about in the first place (maintenance free cleaning). As a result, the Roomba 800 Series is 5x more powerful than previous Roomba models, iRobot says.

Roomba 880

"Bristle brushes have been around for a hundred years. With these new AeroForce Extractors, we’ve invented a completely different way to clean your floor," said Colin Angle, chairman and chief executive officer of iRobot. "With the Roomba 800 Series and AeroForce technology, iRobot is disrupting the floor care category yet again."

Other new and upgraded features include a bin with 60 percent more capacity than before, and an "XLife" battery that delivers double the cleaning cycles over the life of the Roomba. These are in addition to the existing features found in previous models, such as a HEPA filter, automatic docking, full bin indicator, and more.

The iRobot Rooma 800 Series is available now for $700.