iPond: Animal Cruelty for Your iPod

A speaker system for the iPod that doubles as a fish tank is flying off the shelves in Australia. It’s also drawing the attention of animal rights activists and aquarists.

The device, called an iPond, sells for $70. It’s being sold at two retail chains, Pets Paradise and Pet Goods Direct. However, it can only hold 650 ml of water once rocks are added (as pictured).

Additionally, the speaker is directly below the tank and noise undoubtedly is transferred into the tank.

Pets Paradise sells the iPond with a Siamese Fighting Fish in it … a little research reveals that a Siamese Fighting Fish is supposed to have a minimum tank size of 10 liters.

That's pretty shameful.  Just to be clear though, it's a 3rd-party item, not directly associated with Apple.

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