iPhoneys Looking Impressively iPhone-ish

When Japan first started to produce goods, many said they marveled at how well Japan could copy things. Now many such knock-offs come from China. In terms of the iPhone, such replicas could easily spotted. Now, not so much.

A consumer delivered a device to MacMedics that he had purchased from eBay. While at first glance it sure looks like an iPhone, when running it sure isn't Apple-like: sluggish, clunky, and with an Apple logo on the back, a counterfeit rather than a clone.

Even the box looks pretty iPhone-ish. MacMedics said in the video below:
“As you can see it looks xactly like an iPhone. It does not work very well, and when it does work it is incredibly slow.
It comes with some weird accessories that should clue you into fake-ness. A dock (which Apple does not provide), a stylus (same), the dock even includes a speaker.

Lesson to be learned: don't buy an iPhone from eBay if the deal sounds too good. MacMedics has been asked, in this case, to write a letter to PayPal explaining why we think the "iPhone" is fake. Plenty of reasons, right?

Check out the video below: