iPhone X Explodes During iOS 12.1 Upgrade Sparking Apple Investigation

Apple may be one of the most valuable companies in the world, but it isn't immune to problems with its products. Apple recently warned that MacBook Pro SSDs could lose data and that there were display issues with some iPhone X devices; it offered free repairs for both devices. Apple allegedly has a new issue with a man named Rocky Mohamadali claiming that his iPhone X exploded.

burnt ipx rock

The man claims that he was installing the iOS 12.1 update onto the device when the explosion occurred; that is the update that promised a fix for the so-called beautygate selfie issue. Mohamadali says that once the update started he plugged the iPhone X into the official Apple charger that came with the phone; it's unclear if he was using an official Apple cable.

burnt ipx burn screen2

The man claims that dark grey smoke starting to come from the device and as soon as the phone was unplugged it exploded, smoked, and caught fire. Apple support tweeted to the man "That's definitely not expected behavior. DM us, so we can look into this with you."

burnt ipx back

A later update by Mohamadali said that Apple was unable to see him until Tuesday, which was a week away, so he opted to mail the device in for investigation. There is no word from Apple at this time on what might have caused the issue or if the problem that led to the fire is something other iPhone X owners should worry about. It seems unlikely that the software update somehow sparked the fire, anything with a lithium-ion battery inside has the potential to catch fire under the right circumstances.