iPhone (shock!) dominates mobile browsing

Marketshare came out with a report today showing just how dominant the iPhone is in the mobile browsing market: a whopping 66.61 percent of all mobile browsing is done on the ubiquitous smartphone.

Not all is rosy for the apple of Apple's eye, however, as the Android and BlackBerry markets are gaining marketshare rather quickly. No one's too upset about that, though, as the overall market is growing so rapidly that the amount of folks browsing the Internet on their iPhones is still on the rise, even if the percentage of the market isn't.

Sun Microsystems' Java ME came in a (very) distant second, with 9.06 percent, which was still significantly better than Windows Mobile, which has a lock on 6.91 percent of the market. Android, with 6.15 percent, and BlackBerry, with 2.24 percent, have no place to go but up.

Information Week points out that Google's Android is actually doing pretty well considering the T-Mobile G1 was only released in October. Research in Motion's BlackBerry has such a small share of the market because most of its units only have WAP-based (text-only) browsers. It's gaining, however, as new handsets (Bold and Storm) have full HTML browsers.

But Apple certainly has a head start and a huge App Store, so let's see if the relative newcomers can make any real sort of a dent.