Apple 2018 iPhones Will Showcase Similar Designs, Updated Internals, Vibrant Color Choices

Plenty of Apple rumors have run rampant claiming to let fans in on what Apple will offer this year when its new devices launch. So far, we've heard that the 2018 iPhone models will ditch the included headphone dongle. We've also seen alleged benchmarks surface showing the A12 SoC is quite the performer. The OLED versions of the iPhone reportedly have 512GB of storage and Apple Pencil support.

iPhone X

Fans are always on the lookout for more rumor confirmation, and some of the long-running rumors have been confirmed according to an Apple analyst with a long track record of accuracy. Gene Munster of Loup Ventures says that the new devices landing next month will include a high-end version called D33 internally. It will have an OLED that is 6.5-inches diagonally making it one of the largest devices on the market.

That big iPhone will have a glass back and stainless-steel edges along with support for dual SIMs -- a critical feature in international markets. One key software feature here will be the ability to view content side-by-side in apps like Mail and Calendar. Sources claim that the smaller 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X is known as the D32 internally. The big changes here will be the processing speed and the camera. Both these devices will have designs very much like what we already have on current iPhones.

One of the most anticipated devices in the iPhone line is the LCD device known internally as the N84. Sources claim it will have a screen near 6.1-inches, ship in multiple colors, and have aluminum edges rather than stainless steel. Word is that the aluminum edges won't be the same color as the glass back of this device making manufacturing easier. Sources also claim that Hon Hai Industry Co. will be assembling the two OLED iPhones with Hon Hai and Pegatron Corp sharing assembly duties for the LCD device. Production of the OLED devices reportedly started in July, and LCD production started this month.

Some of the reason for the delay in LCD device production had to do with minor changes to the LCD panel according to a source. Rumors tip all three iPhone models will have a gesture-based control system that Apple launched last year after replacing the home button. All three will feature Face ID according to the sources. One source cited by Bloomberg has suggested that the naming convention could change. Specifically, the "Plus" designation could go away for the largest device. Apple reportedly fears confusion with the low-end model having a larger screen than the mid-range model. Screen size was often the differentiating factor between iPhone models in the past.