iPhone Launching Today on Five Regional Carriers, Still Not on T-Mobile

The folks at CNET have astutely noticed that the iPhone is launching today on Alaska Communications, Appalachian Wireless, Cellcom, nTelos, and GCI.

Hm, what’s that? You’ve never heard of those carriers? That’s because they’re small regional carriers, and bully for them for snagging the iPhone. Even better for their customers, they’re winning on the price front, offering the iPhone 4S 16GB at just about $149, which is $50 less than the devices cost with the major carriers.

The deals abound with these small carriers. Most of them also offer the iPhone 4 8GB for just fifty bucks. Alaska Communications has the iPhone 4S 64GB at just $100 with a three-year contract, and with GCI, an iPhone 3GS is free on contract. Most of the carriers are also offering the iPhone 4S 32 GB at $249 and the iPhone 4S 64GB at $349.

There is likely a room full of unhappy T-Mobile execs today, as the company is the only major carrier that doesn’t offer the iPhone. Seeing little regional carriers get the big prize is like rubbing salt in the already-open wound.