iPhone Home Delivery / Activation Returns ...

... but only from AT&T. If you go to AT&T's site, you can buy an iPhone 3G online, and have it delivered the next day (free). Ah, the comforts of being able to skip the store (as with the original iPhone).

Apple, on the other hand, has no such online buying option on their site.

AT&T is actually shipping the phone pre-activated, but typical of other AT&T phones you can order and have delivered, you have to talk to a customer rep on the phone to accept their terms and conditions with customer care or else online at att.com.

After that, you just sync it to iTunes and you are good to go.

This is just the latest step in speeding up the process. First AT&T Premier customers (those whose company has a deal with AT&T) could order online, then AT&T and Apple teamed up to have you pre-approved for an iPhone, so you could basically just walk into a store and pick-up your iPhone, after activation, without filling anything out.

This is the ultimate convenience, and one has to wonder if it was spurred on by the introduction of T-Mobile's G1. At any rate, it's a heck of a lot better than standing in line.