iPhone Has Converted Many to AT&T

A report by financial firm American Technology Research has proclaimed that approximately 25% of iPhone consumers are “switchers” to AT&T from other carriers.
“‘We find these numbers impressive, showing that a fair amount of customers are willing to pay high early cancellation fees (~$125-$200) to get out of their existing service contracts for an iPhone,’ analyst Shaw Wu wrote in the report.”
Wu comments that the Motorola RAZR, during its golden age from mid- to late-2004, is the only other recent product that has commanded so much admiration (at least initially). The Motorola RAZR has sold over 50 million units.

Wu also alludes to sources that highlight Vodafone, with its broad geographic coverage, investment in advanced research and development, and high subscriber base, as the most likely carrier partner for the Apple iPhone in the EU. Nonetheless, AT&T’s success will attract other carriers like Orange, T-Mobile, and O2 to more aggressively bid for EU iPhone rights. Indeed, it may be the case that the iPhone would have various carrier partnerships. Wu trusts that in the end Apple will still end up with very favorable terms that are comparable to those granted by AT&T, which disperses monthly service fees and bounties to Apple.
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