iPhone Autopsy

Many sites have reviewed the new iPhone, but only a handful have been brave enough to try taking one apart.  Here's what the crews of AppleInsider & iFixit discovered and noted:
The logic board is also currently a source of mystery. It splits into two sections, but the largest portion -- which contains the flash memory, processor, and other chips -- is currently difficult to view without damaging the board proper.

"Construction as a whole is particularly tight. A full 16 screws, including 10 just along the edge alone, hold the phone's components in place -- "unlike many iPods," the technicians say. An iPod nano, for reference, uses only three. Even the antenna wires are glued to the phone at strategic points despite the scarcity of room, indicating that the iPhone's creator leaves very little to chance."
A major hurdle in developing small devices is that developers can't limit themselves to just worrying about how to get x number of features into a certain space and power/thermal profile.  They also have to design electronics capable of functioning in real world situations such as: the user taking the device jogging, sitting on it by accident, dropping the device, and so on.

It seems that Apple has done what looks like a very thurough job preparing for these possibilities. Hopefully it will all pay off.
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