Miss Your Blackberry? Clicks Brings Back The Physical Keyboard But For iPhones

hero clicks keyboard for iphone
There's a cool new accessory that will give your iPhone 14 and 15 a physical keyboard just like an old-school Blackberry. Ideal for typists who lament using on-screen keyboards, Clicks Creator is available now... as long as you can stomach the price. 

Targeted at creative folks with plenty of cash to burn, the Creator is an ideal and admittedly attractive solution to endowing iPhones with a physical keyboard. Coming in two colorways—"Bumblebee" yellow (easily our favorite) and gloomy "London Sky"—the Creator looks and behaves just like any regular phone case, except there's a roughly two-inch extension below the phone for the keyboard. 

clicks bumblebee and london sky
Clicks Creator in Bumblebee (left) and London Sky (right)

Those who don't mind having that extra length in their pant pockets will get to (supposedly) enjoy typing on each of the 5.6mm-sized keys. The 0.2mm's worth of key travel is about right for this type of setup, though we'd love to get our hands on one to see what the actual resistance and feedback are like. That said, one of Clicks' founders is none other than popular tech YouTuber and Blackberry aficionado, Michael Fisher (a.k.a. Mr. Mobile), so of all people, he'd probably ensure the keyboard feel was JUST right.

Now, if you think that's all there is to the Creator, think again. Clicks definitely has thought this case/keyboard through. While the keyboard connects to the phone via Lightning (iPhone 14 Pro) or USB-C (iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max), users can still charge their phones with the passthrough charging port at the base of the Creator case. If you live and die by keyboard shortcuts, you can execute commands like CMD + H and CMD + Space for return to home screen and Search respectively. Clicks said that key customization is coming soon through the Clicks app. Another unexpected mod-con is a switchable keyboard backlight for low-light typing. 


If you'd like to snag one now, head over to Clicks' website. While it is on the pricey side—between $140 to $160—Clicks is hoping that the features and usability sways the argument in its favor. Even the materials are top notch—liquid silicon for the uppers, polycarbonate and silicon for the keyboard area, plated nickel for the key domes, and vegan leather for rear cover. The only thing missing here is Clicks for Android phones.