Apple Launches Repair Program For Defective iPhone 8 Logic Boards

Apple is slow to admit that its devices have any problems, but occasionally iPhones have serious issues. The iPhone X has had problems with Face ID that required some devices to have a rear camera replacement, for instance. Apple has announced that it has found an issue in some iPhone 8 smartphones that could be causing some users to be very frustrated. If your iPhone 8 is experiencing unexpected restarts, frozen screen, or won’t turn on you may have a bad logic board.

iphone x 8

Apple says that it has found that a "very small percentage" of iPhone 8 smartphones contain logic boards with a manufacturing defect. That defect causes the aforementioned problems, and Apple says that if your device is eligible, it will repair the smartphone at no cost. Just because you are experiencing frozen screens, restarts, or your device won’t always turn on doesn’t mean you automatically qualify for a repair.

Apple says that only specific serial numbers sold between September 2017 and March 2018 in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, and the U.S. are eligible for repair. To determine if your device has a serial number that is eligible for free repair, visit this page. Apple is specific that the repair program is not for iPhone 8 Plus models or any other iPhone models. 

If your device is among those Apple will fix, you can get a repair via three methods. The first is to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Second, you can make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store. The third and final method is to contact Apple Support to arrange mail-in service at an Apple Repair Center. Apple notes that before sending your device in, use iTunes or iCloud to backup your device. One other potential issue is if your device has any other damage that Apple says might affect its ability to repair the phone, that issue will require repair first.

It specifically calls out a cracked screen as one such issue. Apple will fix those issues before fixing the logic board, but you will pay for any other required repairs related to the logic board. The program is available for devices in the serial number range for three years after the first retail sale of the device.