iPhone 4s ship; customers hope (in vain) for early arrival

iPhone 4s have begun shipping. What's interesting is people still figured out the process: some folks are saying their FedEx tracking information say the devices will be delivered early, prior to the June 24th launch date for the device. Nope, sorry, stop hoping.

Apple always has the shipper hold the delivery until the exact day of launch, in this case, June 24th. No matter what your tracking info says, the device will be held, at the request of Apple, and customers will see their tracking info updated in that way later.

If in fact FedEx were to delivery these early, someone would be in big trouble.

After all, it's Apple we're talking about. With all the secrecy around their products, do you really expect them to let a customer get one early?

That is, of course, assuming that your order hasn't been canceled. Reports have appeared stating that Apple and AT&T have been canceling orders randomly.