iPhone 4 Pre-Sale Begins With Black Unit Alone; Servers Overwhelmed

It's June 15th. Do you know where your credit card is? It's probably hiding away far in the back of your wallet, knowing full well that you're about to put a serious dent in it. Just a week after Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, announced that the next generation iPhone would be available for pre-sale on June 15th, the floodgates have opened, but things aren't going so smoothly.

The iPhone 4 is scheduled to ship to U.S. users (along with consumers in five other countries; the rest have to wait) on June 24th. But people aren't waiting for that day to come. Both Apple and AT&T have seen their servers overwhelmed this morning, with most users reporting timeouts and "Store Down" screens. Few reports from users actually getting their order through have surfaced, but we're sure it'll become easier to get those pre-orders through once the initial buzz dies down.

One 11th-hour monkey wrench thrown into the equation is this: the white iPhone 4 is a mystery to us all. After Apple announced that the iPhone 4 would be for sale in black or white, users were greeted with an option only to pre-order the black version this morning. There's not even an option to pre-order the white version, and while Apple has not said why there has been a last minute change (nor when users can expect the white iPhone 4 pre-sale to open), there still seems to be plenty of pent-up demand for the black model.

If you can't get your own order through, we'd suggest going on about your day and trying later. Or you can frustrate yourself over and over. The choice is yours!