iPhone 15 Video Leak Reveals Key Design Changes Headed To Apple's Next-Gen Smartphone

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The iPhone 15 series might be getting thinner display bezels and Dynamic Islands all around, if parts that recently leaked from China are an indicator.

Purported videos of the iPhone 15 front glass panels were leaked on Bilibili and then by ShrimpApplePro on Twitter, with the latter stating that their source had confirmed the authenticity of the parts. The video seems to show off markedly thinner bezels for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, or about 0.5 mm less than the previous generation. While it doesn't seem the iPhone 15 base and Plus models will get the same treatment, the entire lineup could see a slight curve around the display edges, in alignment with the rumor that the back edges will also be rounded, a la current gen MacBook Pro 14 and 16.


From the leak, it also seems like the Dynamic Island will be adopted by all four iPhone 15 models. Presently, the feature is locked to the iPhone 14 Pro only. What may be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro this time, however, is a move from a stainless steel chassis to a titanium one, plus a return of unified, single-piece volume rockers and mute button paired with dedicated haptic feedback for each.

Regardless of whether these changes make it to production, it's interesting that Cupertino is drawing from older models for design inspiration, in the context of the curved display and unified buttons. Curved displays were used on the iPhone 11, while an older version of unified buttons were last seen on the iPhone 3G/GS.

The iPhone 15 is still months away, but it is expected to make the huge migration from a Lighting to USB-C ports, have upgraded A16 SoCs (base and Max models) and new A17 SoC (Pro models), and potentially, keep the same price as the current generation.