Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Is Triggering A Freaky Trypophobia Condition In People, Really

Have you ever heard of trypophobia? Many probably haven't heard the word before, but it's a term said to have been coined in 2005 on reddit that describes a condition where people have an aversion to seeing clusters of small holes. People who have this condition say that the new iPhone 11 Pro's rear camera array is triggering the condition.

iphone 11 cams

The rear of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have three camera lenses in a sideways triangular formation with a round LED flash above and a microphone hole under the lens on the right. Scientist Dr. Geoff Cole from the University of Essex was part of a scientific study on the condition and said that trypophobia is a real thing. He notes that everyone has it; it's just a matter of degree.

The study suggested that people can have very extreme responses. Cole and other scientists participating in the study said that some participants vomited and others were unable to go to work for several days. One scientist participating in the study noted that the condition could be "quite disabling." Celebrities Sarah Paulson and Kendall Jenner reportedly suffer from the condition. Apple certainly isn't the first to use multiple camera sensors on a smartphone, yet we've never heard of other devices triggering the condition.

iPhone 11 Pro Holes
iPhone 11 Pro Rear Camera Array - So Many Holes

Many would agree that the camera system on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro is not what we'd call attractive. The new iPhone models launched earlier this week, and the new camera features are a big reason that Apple hopes people will upgrade to the latest iPhone models. Cameras have become a big differentiator for smartphone makers and are often the reason why people upgrade their devices. Apple and other smartphone makers are keen to pack features in that lure people to upgrade as consumers are holding onto their devices longer than they did in the past.