iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test Shows New Apple Flagship Losing To Year-Old iPhone XS

iphone 11 pro
Smartphone users have become used to smartphones that only offer marginal performance gains over past models with each new release. Apple's new iPhone 11 family has better cameras, vastly better battery life, and the promise of better performance over their predecessors. In a new video posted to YouTube, the iPhone 11 Pro is being pitted against the iPhone XS and iPhone X to see how the processor inside each of the three generations performs compared to the other generations.

EverythingApplePro puts all three of the devices on the screen at the same time with the generation marked in the bottom left corner in the early tests. The iPhone X is notably slower on games like Fortnite, lagging well behind the other two devices. What was surprising is that the iPhone XS was so close in performance to the new iPhone 11 Pro, and even beat it in some tests. The tester reckons this is in large part because developers haven't tweaked their apps to take advantage of the new A13 Bionic SoC that the iPhone 11 Pro brings to the table.

With that said, the iPhone XS is faster in loading Fortnite and changing to Minecraft. The tester notes that the iPhone 11 Pro gets very hot in use, and not just in the testing seen on the video. The tester says that his personal iPhone 11 Pro gets very hot in daily use and has a strange sound coming from the display at times.

The tester figures that when the next version of iOS launches, it will bring optimization for the iPhone 11 Pro and the tests will need to be rerun. The iPhone XS won round two outright and was only a second slower than the iPhone 11 Pro in round one. In a multitasking task that loaded up a bunch of apps in memory and then cycled between them, the iPhone XS beat out the iPhone 11 Pro by nearly 30 seconds. The tester recommends that iPhone XS users not bother with upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro as there is minimal performance gain in some situations, and actual performance loss in others. A recent iPhone 11 Pro Max teardown has found the new device is decent on the repairability scale and revived rumors of 2-way wireless charging.