iPad's Identity Crisis and Apple's A4 CPU, A Real Showstopper

As you've no doubt heard by now, Apple launched a new mobile computing device and it's within a product category that is all-new territory for the traditionally tight-lipped company. It's a bit of an odd choice for a company that revels in innovation, and after today's announcement, we're left with more questions than answers on whether or not it can truly deliver in the way that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs thinks it can. The iPad simply isn't as revolutionary as the iPhone and iPod, and that alone is at least initially limiting the general perception of the product. For better or worse, Apple has worked itself into a corner where people simply expect each and every new product release to change that product category for the better. To revolutionize things in a way that no other company has done so far.

On almost every front, the iPad doesn't do that.  Read on, there's more.  Lots more...


Via:  HotHardware