iPads, Ereaders And Small Gadgets Now Clear To Stay In Carry-On Bags

The TSA takes a lot of heat, some of the fair, some of it not so fair. But one thing that has been a great improvement over the years is the organization's openness and willingness to communicate with passengers. The TSA Blog is a great place to hear more on decisions being made that will affect your airport travels, and the latest post comes just on the heels of the iPad launch in the U.S.

For awhile now, many travelers have assumed that any "notebook like" gadget had to be slapped in a separate grey bin for solo screening. Now, we're being told otherwise, and for once, it's good news rather than bad. E-readers, netbooks, iPads and anything smaller than a "standard sized laptop" (we're guessing 13.3" and up, but it's not clarified) can now be left in your carry-on luggage. But of course, if the TSA wants to, they can remove the device and scan it again solo; this is most likely to happen if your bag is also stuffed with various other gadgets.

We will say that we recently traveled with an iPad, and ours was taken out for additional screening, but it was crammed in a carry-on with lots and lots of other cables, chargers and gadgets. We know the iPad wasn't being picked on unfairly since it was in a nondescript case, but that's just our story. Hopefully you will all have better luck.