iPad Pro Users Report Stuttering Display Issues As Apple QC Comes Under Fire

iPad Pro
A growing chorus of iPad Pro owners are complaining of screen stuttering and other display issues, including loss of touch functionality and stuck buttons on the onscreen keyboard. In some cases, simply wiping down the display with a microfiber cloth can help, though the problem does not appear to be a dirty display for everyone who is having issues.

"Hello all, after the last two updates my iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2nd gen has issues with not responsive screen often. I need to exit the application or click the home button multiple times or lock the screen and all goes well after. Did a factory reset but nothing helped. Anyone else with the same issue? I hope it is software," a user complained on MacRumors' forums.

Others have chimed in with similar complaints, noting that doing a factory reset does not resolve the problem.

"I am experiencing the same problem. I was about to contact Apple Care. My wife even noticed how unresponsive it is compared to her first0generation IPad Pro. I don’t think it is software. It happened at least over the last 3 iOS updates and it happens after a complete wipe of the system," another user wrote.

That particular thread is 15 pages long, and there is another one that is 10 pages long on Apple's own support forums. Users are hoping it is something that can be resolved with a software update, though if it is a hardware issue, a fix will obviously not be as simple.

Either way, this could be indicative of a larger quality control (QC) problem with Apple. Just last month, Apple acknowledged that a "small number" of MacBook owners have been having issues with their third-generation butterfly keyboards, and issued an apology. The issue, however, is not a new one—Apple last year opened up a repair program for MacBooks with faulty keyboards that covered systems dating all the way back to the early 2015 models.

It is not clear how widespread the iPad Pro display issue is, or exactly what is causing the problem. For those affected, however, a resolution cannot come quick enough.