iPad Mini Rumored to Launch in November

Today kicks off another work week, and that inevitably means another round of iPad Mini rumors, a common occurrence the past month or so. The latest unofficial chatter relates to the iPad Mini's production and launch date, which is expected to be available to purchase in early November. Indications up to this point suggest Apple will hold a press event unveiling the device later this month.

There's a lot at stake here for Apple, and the Cupertino company expects nothing less than stellar sales in what's becoming a crowded market. The iPad already dominates sales in the large size tablet arena, but when it comes to smaller devices in the 7-inch to 8.9-inch range, competition is decidedly stiffer.

iPad Devices

Be that as it may, Apple component suppliers who spoke with The Wall Street Journal say they've received orders to exceed 10 million iPad Mini units. Compared to the popular Kindle Fire, those same suppliers say Apple's order is about double the size of Amazon's in the same quarter.

Pricing will obviously play a big role in the iPad Mini's success. At least one analyst believes that if Apple priced the smaller iPad device at $249, it would "crush the competition."