iPad Internet Traffic to Nearly Triple in 2011

Steve Jobs and the entire Cupertino gang can officially stick out their tongues and waggle their tail ends in the direction of Adobe. Why? Even without Flash support, Apple's magical tablet will account for three times as much Internet traffic in December, 2011, as it does today, according to Chitika Research, the market research arm of Chitika, a full-service online advertising network.

Chitika has been keeping a close eye on the iPad ever since it launched, and if the company's numbers are to be trusted, Apple's flash-less slate now accounts for 0.83 percent of all Internet traffic. By this time next year, the company reckons that number will increase almost three-fold to 2.32 percent.

That might not sound like much, but consider this. According to Chitika, "the iPad is already on par with Linux in terms of Internet usage market share," and that number is going to more than double in the next year.

Chitika's numbers are based on the current adoption rate of iPads across the company's advertising network, so it will be interesting to see if the projections hold true once more tablets enter the market.