iPad 2 Owners Report Various Issues

The iPad 2 is essentially a thinner, lighter, faster version of Apple's first generation slate with a few new features sprinkled in for good measure (you can read our full review here), but some early adopters are getting more they bargained for. Complaints have begun to surface on a number of issues seemingly affecting  the iPad 2, some more annoying than others.

One of those is the issue of Facetime freezing. As one user complains in Apple's support forum, "When I opened up Facetime the first time, the camera was working fine, but now whenever I open it up, it just shows a still image from when I left. How can I fix it?"

We've since run into this problem ourselves, and the only 'fix' is to reboot the iPad 2. This doesn't seem to be an iPad 2-specific glitch, however, as some have noted the same problem on the iPhone 4, which would indicate it's a bug within iOS 4.3.

What is specific to the iPad 2, however, is the reported issue of backlight bleeding. We haven't noticed this ourselves, but some have complained of uneven patches of light seeping through around the edges, which is most noticeable when the screen is black.

There were also some reports of yellowish tint around the display, though this is most likely another case of the glue needing time to dry, just as we saw with the iPhone 4 at launch.

Have you noticed any issues with the iPad 2? Do the reported problems make you weary of investing in one?