iPad 2 Delay? That's Crazy Talk, Man!

If you would have told us yesterday that Apple's iPad 2 tablet was being delayed, possibly by up to 2 months, we'd conclude you're a tech savvy individual who follows the news. But if you tell people that today, well, you could be accused of being bat crap crazy. Short and to the point, Reuters says yesterday's rumor simply is a bunch of hogwash.

"A report that the next version of Apple Inc's iPad tablet computer will be delayed is not true, according to a source familiar with the matter," Reuters said.

And that's it. Reuters didn't disclose its source or provide any other details, other than to reiterate in a single sentence where the original report of a delay came from (Taiwanese brokerage Yuanta Securities disclosed the supposed delay in a note, chalking it up to manufacturing bottlenecks.).

So what does this all mean to you? Not a whole lot, other than if you believe the latest update, go ahead and toss your current iPad up on Craigslist, set the money aside, and wait for the sequel. Otherwise, hang tight and see what tomorrow brings.