iOS 9 Will Automatically Switch To Cell Data After Encountering Weaksauce Wi-Fi Signals

There are a lot of new features coming to iOS 9, the latest version of which is currently in the hands of developers in beta form. Some are pretty ho-hum, like more wallpapers (not dynamic ones, mind you, just a collection of static images), but there's one upgrade that has the potential to be awesome, albeit subtle. It's called Wi-Fi Assist.

The thing about iPhones, and smartphones in general, is that they're stubborn devices. They'll hook into wireless connections just fine, but if the connection is poor or otherwise appears strong yet isn't working well for whatever reason, if at all, the iPhone will stay connected. It's a 'for better or worse' kind of deal, and at times it can be frustrating.


In iOS 9, you'll see a new Wi-Fi Assist option in the settings. Enabling it will instruct the iPhone to "automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor," according to the description directly underneath the setting. So instead of manually disabling Wi-Fi when you encounter a crappy connection, Wi-Fi Assist-enabled devices will piggyback a cellular data connection until things improve.

This will especially come in handy in locations where the Wi-Fi signal is better in some places than others. Maybe there are parts of your home that Wi-Fi has trouble penetrating -- rather than have your iPhone struggle with a weak connection, it will hop on cellular data until the Wi-Fi signal is good again.

Of course, using a cellular data connection means you'll chew into your monthly data allotment. If that's an issue, you can always disable Wi-Fi Assist.