iOS 4.3.3 and Location Bug Fix Coming Soon

Apple is readying iOS 4.3.3 to fix the iOS location tracking "bug," where an unencrypted consolidated.db file continues to grow, and grow, and grow on the device.

Apple will release the update within the next two weeks, or possibly sooner. This isn't a major release, so Apple can spring it on end users at any time. According to the sources, the iOS 4.3.3 update will include the following fixes:
  • The location database will no longer be backed up by iTunes.
  • The size of the location database will be reduced.
  • The location database will be deleted if Location Services are turned off.
  • Battery life improvements.
  • iPod bug fixes.
There was no mention made of the continuing Verizon iPad 2 connectivity issues. It was thought that iOS 4.3.2 would fix the problems, but end users continue to discuss the issue on Apple's support forums.