iOS 18 Brings Android-Like Customization To iPhone And You Can Download It Now

ios18 customizations hero
Apple is loosening up in how users can customize iOS, with several new options coming in iOS 18. Some of these new features will probably elicit several shrugs from those living in Android but, these are some big-time changes for Apple users. The Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Control Center will be able to get tweaked as a user sees fit.

App icons on the Home Screen have always been locked to certain parts of of the screen, with the only form of control being the option to place them into a folder. All of that changes with iOS 18, as Apple says that “users can now arrange apps and widgets in any open space on the Home Screen, including placing them right above the dock for easy access or perfectly framing a wallpaper.” It will even be possible to apply a tint effect across app icons so that it better matches a wallpaper.

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Control Center will now be more flexible, too. It has been redesigned to make it easier for users to access their most important controls. Moreover, it will now be possible to choose the layout of the controls and how they appear on screen. Support for third-party apps will also be included in this new version of Control Center.

Lastly, the Lock Screen will be seeing some more modest options with respect to customizations. The big change being the ability to swap out or even entirely remove the controls that appear at the bottom of the screen, which for now are limited to just the flashlight and camera controls. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users get a little extra with the ability to use the Action button to bring up the controls gallery.

It's nice to see Apple provide with users with a little more freedom when it comes to using their devices. Users who want to start customizing ASAP can do so by enrolling in the iOS Beta program, just be ready to deal with all that entails.