iOS 12 Will Reportedly Enable iPhone NFC Chip To Unlock Doors

The next major iOS update will allegedly bring some functionality to the iPhone that will expand the use of the Near Field Communications (NFC) chip inside beyond making contactless payments. iOS 12 will allow the NFC chip inside the iPhone to unlock supported doors. This could be useful for people who work in jobs that use NFC door locks to secure areas or at hotels.


Some folks who live in apartments or condos might also be able to use the new feature to unlock doors to communal areas like pools and clubhouses. Reports indicate that Apple will be rolling out the new NFC features at WWDC as part of the unveiling of iOS 12. Unlocking doors isn’t all NFC in iOS 12 is tipped to add to the iPhone. The NFC tech could be used for paying transit fares, opening car doors, and for other methods of identity verification.

Reports indicate that on the Apple campus in Cupertino, where workers frequently faceplant into the super clear glass walls, Apple has already enabled the tech and workers are using iPhones to unlock doors around the campus. Apple was said to be working on this tech as far back as four years ago with cooperation for its own security vendor HID Global.

The move from Bluetooth, which is currently able to operate some locks, to NFC will bring more security to the service.