Iomega Releases New Mac External Drive

Iomega is getting back into the Mac game with the release of its new Mac-exclusive hard drive today, the creatively-named Mac Companion Hard Drive.

The 3.5-inch drive, which is designed to match the current iMac model, comes in 2 or 3TB options and runs at 7,200 RPM. it connects via Firewire 800, Firewire 400-800, and USB 2,0 cables. The outside of the drive has two Firewire 800 ports, one USB 2.0 port and, surprisingly, an integrated two-port USB 2.0 hub, which serves as a 2.1 Amp hookup for charging other Apple devices.

The drive also features four indicator lights to give an approximate amount of storage left on the drive, as well as bundled Iomega Protection Suite software, which includes the standard external backup utilities as well as a MozyHome Online Backup for 2GB of cloud storage.

The drive costs $195 for the 2TB model and $295 for the 3TB model, and will only be available in Apple retail stores and on Apple's website for the initial launch, with a availability on Iomega's official site later in the month.
Tags:  Apple, Iomega, Mac, OSX