Internet Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis Launches Mobile News Curation App

There’s a lot of news out there, but there’s also a lot of “news”--that link bait stuff with sensational headlines and other detritus that just clogs up the Internet. Jason Calacanis is seeking to offer a tidier way of curating the news with a mobile app called

The goal is to provide a stream of news headlines every day that are hand-curated by real people and link back to original sources. The team just wants the good stuff, actual journalism, and promises over a thousand posts every day.

The posts will include a headline and up to a 300-word summary with the salient facts listed. Ideally, users will hit the source links and read the articles in full.

“We only link to the most relevant and original sources with the best reporting, and weed out the overwhelming noise in the news space. We seek out the true experts on every story,” reads the app description.

Coverage runs 24/7 and will include topics from all over the world. You’ll be able to customize your feed so that you’re seeing primarily the stuff you’re most interested in, and there will be a Top News feed with what believes are the top 25 most important updates for the day.

You can comment on a post and also vote it up or down. From the app, you can swipe right to view the archive of a given topic. is available for iOS, BlackBerry, and on the web; presumably an Android app is coming shortly, too.