Internal Components of the Next iPhone Revealed

Apple's in a bit of pickle. The Cupertino company has to figure out how to regain its mojo in the mobile space by releasing a smartphone with fancy new features, but not go so far overboard that it ends up alienating its rabid fan base. If you recall, the initial reaction to the iPhone 5 was somewhat subdued, not because it wasn't a great smartphone -- it was, and still is -- but because consumers have come to expect so much from Apple. Will the next iPhone generate the kind of excitement that the iPhone 5 failed to elicit?

We'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, the folks at Boy Genius Report (BGR) somehow obtained high-resolution photos supposedly of several internal components used in the design of the next iPhone. Here's a look at one of them:

iPhone Component
Image Source: BGR

What you're looking at above is a newly designed vibrating motor that's different in design from the one included in the iPhone 5. Other photos show a redesigned ear speaker bracket, a new loud-speaker bracket, Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon, and two different SIM card trays, which look thinner than the current generation iPhone 5.

There have been all kinds of rumors relating to Apple's iPhone plans, including one that suggests the Cupertino outfit will launch a lower-cost model made from polycarbonate plastic rather than metal and glass. More recently, a supposedly leaked ad showed an iPhone 6 model with a Retina-class display and edge-to-edge glass.