Intel's Mobile Core i7 3525M Shipping in the Third Quarter

Intel's presumably affordable dual-core Core i7 3520M processor with Ivy Bridge DNA is slated to ship next month, but if you're willing to wait a bit longer for something a bit more powerful, there's a Core i7 3525M chip on the horizon, too.

Like the Core i7 3520M, the  Corei7 3525M processor will boast a 2.9GHz stock clockspeed capable of ramping up to 3.6GHz for single core performance and 3.4GHz for dual-core. Both chips will have 4MB of cache, a 35W TDP, and 1600MHz DDR3 or DDR3L support. So, what do you gain with the bumped up i7 model?

According to Fudzilla, the Core i7 3525M features slightly beefier graphics. The chip runs Intel HD Graphics 4000, just like 3520M part, but it will be clocked 100MHz higher at 650MHz with a maximum frequency of 1,350MHz. The other difference has to do with compatibility. The 3520M supports BGA and rPGA packages, whereas the 3525M will only support BGA.