Intel's Market Share Further Ahead of the Pack after Crossing Sandy Bridge

Intel's obscene share of the microprocessor market has grown even more grotesque, at least if you're AMD or any other chip maker fighting for scraps. If you're Intel, well, life just keeps getting better. New numbers are in, and according to data from market research firm IHS iSuppli, Intel now dominates the competition by accounting for 81.8 percent of global microprocessor revenue. If you work for AMD, you just threw up a little bit in your mouth.

Intel claiming the lion's share of the market isn't anything new, it just so happens that the Santa Clara chip maker took a bigger bite in the second quarter. Intel increased its lead by 1.1 percentage points, which had double the impact on AMD as it slid by the same amount.

"Intel in the second quarter benefited from the combination of a recovery in PC demand and strong shipment growth for its new Sandy Bridge line of microprocessors," said Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst for compute platforms research at IHS. "Strong corporate PC sales were particularly beneficial to Intel, as the enterprise computing segment has been outperforming the consumer market."

IHS iSuppli says Intel got a boost by increasing production of its Sandy Bridge processor line, and that it represented the fastest ramp-up of any product in the company's history. Meanwhile AMD's Bulldozer platform on the consumer side is taking its sweet time to make it to market.