Intel's Ivy Bridge Lineup Leaked to the Web

There's been a lot of talk about Intel's Ivy Bridge platform lately, and specifically whether or not the Santa Clara chip maker's new CPUs are being delayed until summer. Conflicting reports abound, but one thing we do know is that Ivy Bridge is right around the corner. Thanks to a leaked slide that's made its way to the Web, we're also privy to some unannounced details regarding Ivy Bridge.

CPU-World stumbled upon a flipbook PDF file listing a full lineup of desktop and mobile processors from January through April 2012, including third generation Core i5 3xxx and i7 3xxx Ivy Bridge chips.

Image Source: CPU-World

Missing from the processor list (see partial list above) are Core i3 3xxx Ivy Bridge processors, though word on the Web is that those will be shipping in May or June. The original document (which has since been pulled offline), did, however, detail the existence of Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Ivy Bridge processors not previously disclosed, including Intel's upcoming Core i7 3667U (2.5GHz, 25W TDPand Core i5 3427U (1.8GHz, 17W TDP) CPUs.