Intel-Apple Systems for January

The longtime Apple-rumor based website ThinkSecret has posted that the only Intel-based systems coming from Apple this January will be iBooks. Unfortunately, their sources don't seem to believe we'll be seeing any high-end systems with Intel processors showing up in this timeframe. Those who are patiently waiting for Intel-based Powerbooks and desktops will have to wait a bit longer. However since these systems will be combining the killer Apple aesthetic and fantastic build quality with a solid new architecture, it seems as though this is actually a product that will be worth waiting for.

Apple will almost certainly tap Intel's forthcoming Yonah processor for the iBooks, a successor to the company's Pentium M. It is unknown whether Apple will go with a dual-core version of the processor, slated for release in January, or a single-core version, which Intel announced in August would be delivered shortly after the dual-core version. The dual-core Yonah chip could very likely deliver performance greater than Apple's current G4-based PowerBooks.